Meet the 2018 Silver Lining Ride Team



Dylan Wissell

Dylan is taking on his first ride in 2018, having been inspired by Georgie’s story and the success of the 2017 event. Though Dylan does not have a personal connection to ovarian cancer, he is a long-time friend and ex-colleague of Georgie’s and is excited by the opportunity to help out in raising funds alongside ‘people who let their actions do the talking’.

“Georgie has helped me out so much over the years and has always been there to listen. This is a small part in returning the favour.”

After taking up cycling while studying at university, Dylan soon became hooked. At 28, he sold his car and has been on the bike ever since, and it has taken him to some amazing places. In fact, just before this year’s ride, Dylan will be in Nepal to mountain bike through the Mustang Valley.

Dylan is a ‘go hard from day one’ kind of person, and acknowledges that pacing himself is going to be one of his biggest challenges during the Silver Lining Ride. He’s most looking forward to meeting and getting to know every one of the riders that will be making the journey alongside him.

“Hearing the stories of how much something like this means to so many people who have been affected by ovarian cancer is going to be really special. As well as helping spread the message at each stop along the way, I’m looking forward to learning more myself about the illness and much these funds will assist with early detection and research.”

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Jake Leslie

Jake Leslie signed up to be a part of the 2018 Silver Lining Ride after connecting with the stories of last year’s riders.

“Women have an enormous impact on everyone’s life, and hearing about all those lives that have been affected hits so close to home. Finding an early detection test would be amazing, and I want to do what I can to help.”

Jake is most excited about getting out of the city and spreading the message face-to-face in regional towns along the way—because these areas have a special place in his heart. His passion for road cycling first be-gan at age 18 after moving to country New South Wales to live with relatives.

“This disease does not discriminate. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you live—any woman can be diagnosed when she least expects it, so we urgently need to start conversations and raise funds for the re-search that will find a test and save lives.”

When he’s not only the bike, you’ll find Jake playing with his eight-year-old adopted Staffy who’s also called Jake.

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Georgie Herbert

Georgie founded the Silver Lining Ride in 2017 with her good friend, Clint Stanaway, after losing her mum to ovarian cancer in January.

Having completed fun runs in the past to raise awareness and funds for the OCRF, Georgie and Clint had been planning something much bigger—a ride from Adelaide to Melbourne. As her mum’s health deteriorated, Georgie was motivated more than ever to make the event a huge success.

“Mum’s death was imminent at the time we were making these plans. We wanted to go BIG because we wanted to bring an early detection test closer—and it was urgent. We didn’t want other women to meet the same fate as my beautiful mum.”

For Georgie, it’s a way to make a positive impact at a time when it’s easy to feel hopeless.

“You see someone you love suffer, and eventually lose her fight. It’s easy to feel like there’s nothing you can do. But until we have an early detection test that’s available to every woman, there is always something you can do.”

Before the 2017 event, Georgie was not a cyclist. In her words, she was ‘a complete novice’. But with her unwavering determination and a little help from Giant, she took on 700km in training and managed to smash the 1,000km route.

Since then, she’s fallen in love with cycling, and even more in love with fundraising.

“The best part is being with the team on the road —he conversation, the laughs, the tunes. And, the support I know we’ll get from the many people we’ll meet along the way.”

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Clint Stanaway

Clint Stanaway is one of the co-founders of the Silver Lining Ride. Clint was great mates with Mandy Herbert, the mother of two of his best friends, who sadly passed away after a long yet heroic fight with ovarian cancer. He worked closely with her daughter, Georgie, to bring this event into fruition to raise funds and honour Mandy’s legacy.

“She’ll always be in my memory… particularly the jokes, but mostly the way she made everyone feel. Any-time you bumped into Mandy, you’d leave a better person.”

Like Georgie, Clint wasn’t a cyclist until the Silver Lining Ride. Without bikes, or even helmets, they ambitiously took on hours of training and pulled off the 1,100km epic from Adelaide to Melbourne.

“I didn’t realise how much last year’s ride meant until we arrived home. That was when the magnitude of what we’d achieved struck me. I still think of the courageous patients we met along the way, the families who’ve been impacted by this dreaded disease… and worse still, all of the women in my life who, without an early detection test, remain exposed to a potential killer.”

And it’s only fitting that Clint has now found his passion in cycling, carrying on the family tradition as his great grandfather, Henry (Harry) Thomas, was a winner (1906) of the prestigious Austral Wheel Race, the oldest track cycling event in the world.

Safe to say, he has truly been bitten by the cycling bug, and can’t wait to take on the challenge again this year—particularly looking forward to gaining political attention in the nation’s capital, because “finding an early detection test is a team effort”.

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Lissa Marshall

Lissa Marshall is taking part in this year’s Silver Lining Ride for her twin sister, the “best part of her”, Leane Flynn. In April 2017, Leane was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

“Leane is my everything. My mission from that moment was to do everything possible to support Leane, raise funds and awareness for ovarian cancer and help prevent more women, mothers, sisters, daughters and friends from feeling the helplessness, pain and loss that my family and too many others are experiencing.”

Like many others on the team, Lissa’s passion for cycling seemed to come out of nowhere.

“About 15 years ago my brother-in-law, Justin Flynn, took me out on a ride. There was no ‘taking it easy’ on me and we headed up the infamous cycling trek called the in 20 up to Sassafras. It was definitely a challenge and even though every muscle was screaming by the time I got home, I was hooked. I went and purchased my first bike that very same day. It’s great to know that Justin will be with me on this ride to help push me yet again.”

Lissa knows that pushing herself day after day to get back on the bike will be the biggest challenge, but she looks forward to that same feeling of adrenaline at the end that she experienced after that first gruelling ride.

“I will be thinking of Leane and her challenges and that will keep me motivated and determined.”

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Justin Flynn

Justin Flynn is riding this year for his wife, Leane.

“Before she was diagnosed in April last year, Leane was very healthy and had no signed of any illness. The last 18 months have been extremely difficult to watch her battle cancer. Life feels like it is on hold—it is hard to plan anything in between doctor and hospital visits and the uncertainty of if/when the disease will come back.”

A serious cyclist, Justin had been casually riding for 10 years before he joined The Kings Men (TKM) cycling group.

“It started with a dare to complete ‘around the bay in a day’ about 12 years ago. The rest is history—the feel-ing you get from cycling is infectious.”

You might not pick it, but Justin is one to kick back as much as he fires up.

“Watching The Bachelor this year has been something I’ve treasured doing with all my girls—Leane, and also Amelia, Laura and Anabel. I’m looking forward to getting the message out there so that other families don’t have to go through the same experience that we have.”

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Lachlan Spark

Lachlan Spark was a member of last year’s Silver Lining Ride support crew. This year, he was determined to embrace the ‘pedal power’ and join the riders in the challenge.

“Before last year’s ride, I hadn’t had any personal connection with ovarian cancer, but spending days on the road with the guys inspired me to be a part of the fight. They’re a really amazing, passionate and driven bunch of people. I hope the small part I’m playing can help to bring awareness, and one day a cure to this awful disease.”

Lachlan was a keen cyclist in his early 20s, but it’s been some time since he last got on the bike. Despite not being as bike-fit as he once was, and doing little cycling training, he’s positive about this year’s ride.

It helps that he’s an avid marathon runner, having completed seven races over the past few years and soon taking on his eighth—around a glacier in Antarctica, no less.

“I haven’t spent a whole lot of time on two wheels in recent years, so I’m keen to test myself as much as I am to spread the message and raise money.”

He most looks forward to “cracking an icy cold beer at The ‘G”—a well-deserved reward after the seven-day challenge!

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Georgina Wright

Georgina Wright is one of several repeat Silver Lining Riders. For her, it started out as a way to remember her mum and so many others who have died of women’s cancers, but the significance of the ride was much bigger than she first imagined.

 “I just thought we were going for a nice little ride through the countryside and raising a few dollars along the way. As each day went on and the donations and messages came in, it dawned on me the magnitude of what we were doing.”

 After seeing her mother die from breast cancer when she was just 11 years old, Georgina has seen the incredible advances in early detection and treatment over the past 21 years. Her hope is to contribute to a similar evolution in ovarian cancer research.

 “My mum fought hard to stay with us as long as she could, she was an inspiration. No one should see their mum, sister, daughter, auntie, grandma or friend suffer so Im doing what I can to help get those statistics down. Mum fought for eight years. If I can find the tiniest bit of mum’s determination to take with me on this ride, I know Ill get to the other end just fine.”

Georgina is one of the more experienced athletes on the team. In fact, she recently represented Australia in the World Triathlon Championships in September. After retiring from netball, Georgina was drawn to the excitement of triathlon—and that’s how she discovered a passion for cycling.

This year, she’s again looking forward to the conversations with locals along the way.

The stops along the way are the best part about the trip if you ask me. I love the people we meet, whether its at the fundraising events or someone walking up to us in the main street asking whats going on. People always have a story to share and are so generous when they find out why were riding. It makes me feel very proud to be part of it.

 I’m grateful for the opportunity to help raise awareness and funds to the OCRF as every person we talk to, every dollar that’s donated moves us closer to an early detection test we need. Hopefully this year we can raise $150K!”

Support Georgina by making a donation to the Silver Lining Ride here.

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