During the month of June, 75 women will die from ovarian cancer because there is no early detection test.

As we approach the end of the financial year, we ask that you consider making a tax deductible donation to assist the OCRF maintain funding of our Tissue Banks. For several years, the OCRF has funded the establishment, maintenance and growth of a program aiming to provide high-quality ovarian cancer specimens for research. This is a unique resource for ovarian cancer research and underpins ovarian cancer research activities aimed at the development of an early-stage detection test for ovarian cancer.

The purpose of our tissue banking program is to manage ovarian cancer tissue collections in support of our related research activities, and additionally support the establishment and evaluation of new clinical trials arising from research findings. Given each year we always receive more grant applications than we can potentially fund, we provide access to our Tissue Banks to any relevant researcher – at no charge – whether or not they are funded by the OCRF.

An early detection test is the first step to reducing related deaths within Australia. Without your support, the OCRF may not be able to continue funding the existing Tissue Banks to the same level into the future.

Please support this valuable program. Donate here