About Professor Thomas Jobling

As head of Gynaecological Oncology at Monash Medical Centre, Professor Jobling was involved in setting up the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation in conjunction with Prince Henry’s Institute for Medical Research. He was driven by two things in his quest to create the Foundation – his fascination with the biology of the cancer, and his work as a surgeon, where he faces the relentless task of treating women with the disease.

He hopes that by bringing together research scientists and surgeons dealing with the disease, the work being done by the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation will result in a screening test for early detection, and for those with the disease, complete remission.

Describing the unit, Dr Jobling explains, “The Gynaecological Oncology Unit is based at Moorabbin in Victoria. It embraces the philosophy of a multi-disciplinary approach to cancer medicine, involving consultation and management in close operation with medical oncology, radiation oncology and gynaecological cancer surgery.

“Our weekly clinic and Tumour Board meetings involve attendance by, and consultation with, radiation oncologists from Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute. We have evolved a close sense of common cause over a number of years, and firmly believe that this is in the best interests of our patients. The main thrust of our research aim is in conjunction with Prince Henry’s Medical Research Institute, as it has a full-time Director and we have a well established ongoing ovarian cancer study group. There are a number of collaborative trials underway involving our colleagues at Peter MacCallum, as well as other groups.”