About Ms Liz Heliotis

As with so many of us, in her 20s and 30s, Liz started losing friends and colleagues to cancer in all forms. Rather than simply remaining devastated and appalled, Liz chose to educate herself on the various types of cancers. It was during her investigation of the gynaecological cancers, that she discovered the fact that it was ovarian cancer that was the one both with the leading cause of death and the only one without an early detection test. Liz became committed to galvanising har vast business network, to set up a foundation for research and early detection. Since the Foundations inception in 2000, Liz has relished the opportunity to work alongside like minded partners and stakeholders who bring their commitment and talent to the frontline and are the forerunners of proactive changed future outcomes for global health. She is constantly amazed by the Australian community who show their support in many ways from small events to straight donations. They are the unsung heros. Without at least one healthy ovary, a child will not be born. Research is the answer.