About Mona Alharbi

Mona is a PhD student under Dr. Carlos Salomon’ supervision (Faculty of Medicine, University of Queensland).  She received a full scholarship from Saudi Cultural Mission and King Saud University to commence her Ph.D. in 2016.  In 2015, she completed a Master of Biotechnology at the University of Queensland. In 2008, she was awarded a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from King Saud University. From 2008- 2009 she worked as research assistant in the stem cell unit of the Peripheral Vascular Disease Research Center. Currently, she also has an appointment with the Faculty of Biochemistry at King Saud University as an assistant teacher.

Her PhD focuses on ovarian cancer. She is particularly interested in identifying a biomarker for chemotherapy resistance, and the role of exosomes in this process.  She is strongly focused on implementation and translation of her findings into clinical practice to improve response of patients with ovarian cancer to chemotherapy

Project: Tumour-derived exosomes as a signature of ovarian cancer – liquid biopsies as indicators of tumour progression