About Dr Maree Bilandzic

Dr Maree Bilandzic joined the Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers Laboratory at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research in 2015. With extensive experience in ovarian cancer research, Dr Bilandzic’s work is focused on the early events controlling the spread of ovarian cancer cells to local healthy tissues – the defining event in the cycle of ovarian cancer progression from early- to late-stage disease. The unique laboratory models developed by Dr Bilandzic allow these events to be examined in real time in the laboratory, providing new insight into how early cell-cell interactions dictate the ultimate course of disease progression.

Dr Bilandzic completed her PhD at Deakin University (2007), and her expertise adds a new dimension to the research team. Her ongoing work will facilitate further examination of early-stage tumour markers in ovarian cancer model systems, as well as identifying novel therapeutic targets for better disease management.

Project: Measuring the “CXCL10 Active Ratio” as a Novel Diagnostic Approach to Ovarian Cancer