About Dr Andrew Lai

Andrew obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in 2008 (University of New South Wales, Sydney) before moving to Brisbane to complete a Masters of Biotechnology (Queensland university of Technology, Brisbane) in 2010. He was further awarded a Bachelor of Applied Science with first class honours (Queensland university of Technology) in 2011 for a project involving the generation of functional recombinant proteins for use as potential chronic wound therapeutics. Afterwards, he undertook a PhD at the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation located at Queensland University of Technology and was conferred in 2016 for the investigation of the generation of novel bispecific antibodies to inhibit key cell surface receptors integral for the growth and migration of tumour cells.

Andrew joined the Exosome Biology group in 2016 where he has been a co-author in 6 journal papers. His interest includes the specific isolation and characterisation of ovarian cancer exosome in the hopes of gaining a better understanding of the biology and translating this knowledge into potential new treatments.

Project: Tumour-derived exosomes as a signature of ovarian cancer – liquid biopsies as indicators of tumour progression