Frock Up. Raise Funds. Frock Cancer.


Now in its 12th year, Frocktober continues to build momentum year on year, empowering women around Australia to Frock Up, Raise Funds and Frock Cancer.

Ovarian cancer is the most lethal of gynaecological cancers. Without an early detection test, it claims another life every eight hours.

As one of the most prominent fundraising events on the OCRF calendar, Frocktober 2018 is your chance to get involved, joining the sisterhood of passionate women who proudly frock up throughout October and raise urgently-needed funds for innovative ovarian cancer research. Because it’s only by funding research that we can find a reliable method to detect ovarian cancer in its early stages and save women’s lives.


Frocktober empowers women of all backgrounds, lifestyles and fabulous fashion senses to support a common cause: ovarian cancer research. It’s a chance to connect with like-minded women, share personal experiences, and play a pivotal role in the journey towards an early detection test for ovarian cancer.


Frocktober is all about participation, in whichever form that may take. Dedicated supporters will take on the original 31-day challenge and curate a month-long Frocktober wardrobe, uploading a snap of themselves in a different dress each day to their social channels. Others may choose to gather a group of friends to frock up and attend a single event.

Along the way, the OCRF will be sure to share with you some helpful hints and tips to make your Frocktober journey frocking fabulous.

Registration is quick and easy. Complete the form and select one of our Frocktober supporter packs. You’ll be ready to start fundraising in no time.

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To get the cogs turning, we have come up with a few examples that have worked well in the past.

‘Frock’ day Friday

frock day friday

The workplace is a great place to bring your fundraising effort. Chat to your colleagues and convince the boss about hosting a Frocking Friday or casual clothes day – it will be a fun and easy way to get involved. Participating co-workers can be asked to donate a specific amount to the OCRF for flaunting their favourite frocks. Not only will it raise funds, but it can also serve as an entry point to the ovarian cancer discussion, as well as boosting workplace morale.

High tea or dinner party

Organise a group of friends to join you for high tea or dinner. You could host the event at your home, asking attendees to make a donation in return for a delicious meal. Alternatively, seek out a local venue that would be willing to make a donation.

Office raffle

high tea

Collect some items, wrap them beautifully and put it in the lunch room for your co-workers to buy raffle tickets. You can get creative with the prizes, whether it be a collection of tasty goodies, a gift voucher or maybe even an office perk like a special lunch with the boss.

Fashion show

Organise a fashion show at a local clothing store with an entry fee going to the OCRF. Approach local stores, positioning it as an opportunity to show off their latest styles. Alternatively, you could host one with your girlfriends, crack out the Champagne and model your favourite fashions.

Trivia night

Community quiz nights can bring people together while also raising money via entry fees. Ask an extroverted friend to act as MC, and seek out donated prizes. You could always run a raffle on the night to collect some gold coins towards your fundraising goal.

For more fashion flair and creative tips to get you started, please download our Frocktober Fundraising Pack.

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