Leaving lasting words of love

None of us knows what life has in store for us. None of us knows how quickly life can change, and one of the most heartbreaking thoughts is that we won’t be there for our children. Angel Letters can give your children your guidance, your love, and your support at key points in their life, when your words matter most of all.”—Cathy Davies, CEO, Angel Letters

After losing her father to cancer when she was just six years old, Cathy was heartbroken that she had little left to remember him by. As she celebrated key milestones throughout her life, she couldn’t help but wonder what he might have said if he were still with her.

After raising her own four children, and revelling in each first step, each graduation and each career milestone, she created the Angel Letter Box to help parents capture these special moments forever.

Within each Angel Letter Box is a series of occasion envelopes for key points in your child or grandchild’s life. Each contains beautifully embossed writing paper, and tips and inspiration for how to turn your thoughts into words that will last a lifetime. Whether you write retrospectively, on the special day, or leave your words for events still to come, these letters will mean the world to your children by capturing your love and support.


Your words can support the OCRF

We are proud to offer this inspiring idea to our supporters. Whether your own future is uncertain, or you want to create moving keepsakes that will continue to inspire your children as they grow, we know that so many of your loved ones will appreciate the power and connection of your own words long into the future.

You can purchase your Angel Letter Box here.

$10 from every Angel Letter Box sold will be generously donated to the OCRF’s ovarian cancer research.