Patient Support

A woman’s family, partner, friends or neighbours might be able to give practical support. Although it’s sometimes difficult to accept this support, remember that others might feel good if they can help.

As well as practical support from family, friends, partners or neighbours, outside help is available. Accepting outside help can put less strain on family and friends and allow you to spend more pleasurable time with those close to you. Remember, the sooner you ask for help for whatever type of care, the easier and quicker it will be to organise and receive it.

Cancer Council Helpline is a free, confidential service where you can talk about your concerns and needs with a cancer nurse. They can send you information and put you in touch with support services in your own area. Please telephone 13 11 20.

Ovarian Cancer Australia (OvCA) is a not-for-profit national organisation that provides support and advocacy for people affected by ovarian cancer.

The National Breast and Ovarian Cancer (NBOCC) is funded by the Australian Government and works in partnership with health professionals, cancer organisations, researchers, governments and people diagnosed to improve outcomes in breast and ovarian cancer.

Look Good…Feel Better is a free community service program dedicated to helping women undergoing treatment for cancer. The purpose of the program is to help women manage the appearance related side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, thereby helping to restore their appearance and self image. The program is available through the generous support of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Haircare Industry. The Industry, represented by ACCORD, (Advocate for the Consumer, Cosmetic, Hygiene and Specialty Product Industry), supports the program with products, financial donations and volunteers.

Two hour Look Good…Feel Better workshops are offered at over 165 hospitals and cancer care centres nationally. Workshops are conducted by experienced and specially trained volunteer beauty professionals who provide advice on how to deal with changes in skin, hair, eyebrow and eyelash loss and general appearance related concerns. These workshops are completely free, relaxed and friendly with an emphasis on hands on learning. The workshops are available to any woman undergoing or about to undergo treatment for cancer.

For further information, visit their website or freecall 1800 650 960

To see workshop dates, click here community guidelines document.